This is the first integrated campaign I developed for a film that I also produced at my company Western Edge Pictures. After running a boutique film marketing agency Franki&Jonny for 10 years, it was wonderful to be able to engage some of our most brilliant, and therefore most hated, former competitors to put this campaign together.

Along with the traditional elements of the campaign, we wrote, directed and produced this fantastic viral, featured on Funny or Die.

And I worked with Aron Klein on the photography.


Other highlights of a successful global release were the "pregnant women go free" screenings which were picked up by Time Out New York and of course many, many glowing reviews. Prevenge had its world premiere opening Critic’s Week at the Venice Film Festival, and was in competition at Toronto, Dinard, Rotterdam, SXSW, London Film Festival and AFI to name a few.

“…a grisly fantasy-rhapsody about a sense of invasion and infection that is, arguably, an unacknowledged condition of pregnancy… gruesomely successful.” **** Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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