Sea Hero Quest was a landmark project for Deutsche Telekom, and for myself as Creative Lead on the project. Developed in 2016, partnership with a team of scientific researchers from University College London, The University of East Anglia and the ultimate game dudes Glitchers, ‘Sea Hero Quest’ is a multi-platform mobile game designed specifically to help advance the understanding of spatial navigation, and therefore understand one of the first symptoms of dementia. 

The first of its kind, an epic tonal fusion of science, emotion and fun – we launched the campaign with this beautiful animated spot by Bibo Bergeron… and a little help from Pewdie Pie before he got weird.

3 Million downloads later, and 60 international awards including 12 Cannes Lions, Gold in Promo and Activation, Gold at D&AD, 3 Golds at the One Show, Grand Prix at Eurobest and headline news around the world the best news was that the scientists made major breakthroughs and learned things about the brain they never knew… 

But we didn’t stop there. To validate the data and bring us closer to how a diagnostic tool might actually work, in 2017, we developed the game in VR to an amazing reception. There have been lots of great outcomes to this work, the most ridiculous is that I am now a go-to panellist for VR conferences. My life as a tech blagger continues.